Monday, May 10, 2010

The Plan

Leo Tolstoy

Hopefully, most of you have started in on the book by now. Perhaps you were a bit startled, as I was, that this classic Russian novel begins with a full paragraph in ... French. The use of French among the Russian elites in St. Petersburg -- and the role of language in the book -- will no doubt be the subjects of future posts here.

Speaking of future posts, I thought I would lay out some ideas for how we can use this site during our group read of the book. I plan to post about once or twice a week with thoughts and observations about the book (trying, as possible, to avoid spoilers by keeping the commentary within the confines of the reading schedule). Hopefully, you all will participate with comments, reactions, etc. This will probably be kind of exhausting over a 16-week period, so it would be fantastic if others would be willing to post here now and then. Let me know if you'd be willing to post here, and I'll arrange for you to be added to the site's management. Or if you prefer, you can simply email me your essay at << >>.

Oh, and for those of you who have purchased the massive physical copy of the book, if there are times during the summer that you find yourself unable to lug the book along with you somewhere, so long as you have internet access, you can continue to read along (though in an older, public-domain translation), here.

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