Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nearing Midway: Is There Anybody Out There?

As we barrel along towards midway, a couple things that will (probably) be happening, and a couple of questions.

First, everyone still reading the book? As you can imagine, I have only a rough idea of how many people are included in that "everyone." There's no way to track it, but I'm guessing that our group is somewhere between 20-50 people. I'm not exactly sure. And I'm sure we've had some attrition by now. If you're out there, comment more often!

Second, I will be dropping off the radar for a week or so at the end of the month. But not to fear, the other blog team members will be taking control and guiding the blog through the midway point.

Third, I will be putting together a quiz for just after the midway point. I'll post it here. People will answer by leaving comments. It will be strictly closed-book, closed-internet, on the honor system. There will be a prize. Everyone will enjoy it.

Fourth, I am leaning towards doubling the pace after the midway point. 76 pages per a week is a bit of a crawl, I'm finding. Cast your vote yea or nay in a comment below.

Fifth, comment more often on the blog! Part of the relative quiet may be my fault: perhaps I don't pose enough questions in my posts, the posts tend to be recaps, etc. Comments are always appreciated, and are a good way for your blog authors to get a sense of who (if anyone) is still reading the book.

Sixth, there appears to be some interest in continuing this online group-reading project in the fall, so I'll post the sidebar poll on the blog for our next reading selection. The current suggestions are in this previous post. If you have other suggestions, leave them in a comment below.

Onwards and upwards!

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