Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Next Book: DON QUIXOTE

Because the voting ended in a tie between Bleak House and Don Quixote, I resorted to my dog Merlin to break the tie. Last night, I set out both books at an equal distance from him. Each book had an identical dog treat on top of it. After I released Merlin, he went straight for Don Quixote. I will post pictures of the process soon.

Hopefully, those of you who voted for Bleak House or the other books will be satisfied with this scientific and democratic process. Given the voting results (and that Merlin immediately proceeded to Bleak House after finishing the treat on top of Don Quixote), we'll read Bleak House after Don Quixote. We'll start Don Quixote sometime in September.

Complaints, thoughts, rants, are all welcome in the comments below. Just don't say anything mean about my dog.


  1. Easy there.

    Also, the tasks performed by Paul and Merlin were totally different: Paul predicted the future; Merlin simply stood in for a coin toss.