Friday, July 23, 2010

Week 10 Recap (pp. 684-760 P&V edition)

I think I missed a recap here or there, but here's the Week 10 recap (pp. 684-760 P&V ed.) And apologies for being so out of touch: I've been having computer problems that are now partially resolved. I still can't post on Facebook with the outdated browser I'm using, so if someone could post the link for this recap on the Facebook reading group page, I'd appreciate it.

Here is a briefer than usual recap
686: Old Prince Bolkhonsky being a jerk, bullying Marya, etc.

692: Andrei sends a letter home telling his father that Bald Hills is unsafe with the French approaching.

697: All sorts of stuff about Alpatych and the serfs who work for the Bolkhonsky family.

702: Bald Hills evacuated; Andrei visits the deserted estate.

709: Napoleon marches toward Moscow, dreams of the Oriental capital.

713: Old Bolkhonsky has a stroke at the absentee estate of Bogucharovo, just as he is getting worked up about the war effort.

716: On his sickbed, Old Bolkhonsky tries to make up with Marya. Old Bolkhonsky dies.

733: Nikolai Rostov arrives at Bogucharovo and appears to fall for the grieving Marya; he begins to doubt his vow to Sonya.

740: Prince Andrei hears of Old Bolkhonsky's death.

744: Andrei's meeting witht he newly rehabilitated General Kutozov.

751: Pierre, feeling restless and useless in Moscow, goes to see the preparations for a Russian war balloon.

753: Pierre resolves to join the war effort; finds himself happy to throw away the comfortable trappings of his life of leisure in Moscow.

754: Tolstoy goes into his critic-of-historians mode, analyzing the reasons behind the Battle of Borodino, dismissing the lies and distortions of the historians, and, somewhat startlingly, providing his readers with a map.

760: Pierre arrives near the front and is greatly impressed by the labors of some muzhiks digging fortifications.
Page target for Sunday is 836.

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